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Savings banks in Sweden

Savings banks in Sweden

24 October 2020

Savings banks (Sparbanker) in Sweden are regulated by the Savings Banks Act which sets a the system of principals including involvement into ecomonic and social life of local communities. Most savings banks operate in cooperation with Swedbank as regards technical solutions and the provision of a common range of products and services. Swedish savings banks provide full range of retail banking products and services to regional individuals, self-employed professional and companies. The number of savings banks has declined due to small savings banks having merged.

List of Operating Savings Banks

Currently there are 58 local savings banks operating in Sweden.

Name Location Rating
Ålems Sparbank Ålem  (4.8)
Åse Viste Sparbank Grästorp n/a
Åtvidabergs Sparbank Åtvidaberg  (2.7)
Bergslagens Sparbank AB Lindesberg  (5.0)
Bjursås Sparbank Bjursås  (5.0)
Dalslands Sparbank Mellerud  (2.6)
Ekeby Sparbank Ekeby  (3.5)
Falkenbergs Sparbank Falkenberg  (3.3)
Fryksdalens sparbank Sunne  (3.3)
Hälsinglands Sparbank Hudiksvall  (4.0)
Häradssparbanken Mönsterås Mönsterås  (4.4)
Högsby Sparbank Högsby  (4.4)
Ivetofta Sparbank i Bromölla Bromölla  (5.0)
Kinda-Ydre Sparbank Kisa  (4.2)
Laholms Sparbank Laholm  (4.3)
Lekebergs Sparbank Fjugesta  (2.8)
Leksands Sparbank Leksand  (4.7)
Lönneberga-Tuna-Vena Sparbank Vena n/a
Markaryds sparbank Markaryd  (5.0)
Mjöbäcks Sparbank Överlida  (5.0)
Norrbärke Sparbank Smedjebacken  (5.0)
Orusts Sparbank Henån  (4.1)
Roslagens Sparbank Norrtälje  (4.0)
Sala Sparbank Sala  (4.8)
Sidensjö sparbank Sidensjö  (5.0)
Skurups Sparbank Skurup  (3.0)
Snapphanebygdens Sparbank Bjärnum  (4.0)
Södra Dalarnas Sparbank AB Hedemora  (4.1)
Södra Hestra Sparbank Hyltebruk  (3.7)
Sölvesborg-Mjällby Sparbank Sölvesborg  (3.7)
Sörmlands Sparbank Katrineholm  (3.8)
Sparbanken Alingsås AB Alingsås  (2.9)
Sparbanken Boken Hishult n/a
Sparbanken Eken AB Ryd  (4.5)
Sparbanken Göinge AB Vinslöv  (4.6)
Sparbanken Gotland Romakloster  (5.0)
Sparbanken i Enköping Enköping  (3.3)
Sparbanken i Karlshamn Karlshamn  (4.4)
Sparbanken Lidköping AB Lidköping  (4.1)
Sparbanken Nord Piteå  (3.9)
Sparbanken Rekarne AB Eskilstuna  (2.5)
Sparbanken Sjuhärad AB (publ) Borås  (3.1)
Sparbanken Skåne AB (publ) Lund  (4.0)
Sparbanken Skaraborg AB (publ) Skara  (4.3)
Sparbanken Syd Ystad  (3.7)
Sparbanken Tanum Tanumshede  (4.1)
Sparbanken Tranemo Tranemo  (4.3)
Sparbanken Västra Mälardalen Köping  (4.2)
Tidaholms Sparbank Tidaholm  (5.0)
Tjörns Sparbank Skärhamn  (4.7)
Tjustbygdens Sparbank AB Västervik  (3.0)
Ulricehamns Sparbank Ulricehamn  (2.3)
Vadstena Sparbank Vadstena  (3.8)
Valdemarsviks Sparbank Valdemarsvik  (5.0)
Varbergs Sparbank AB (publ) Varberg  (3.6)
Vimmerby Sparbank AB Vimmerby  (2.5)
Virserums Sparbank Virserum  (3.5)
Westra Wermlands Sparbank Arvika  (3.8)

Recently Closed Savings Banks

During 2013-2020 4 savings banks were closed down mainly due to mergers with other savings banks.

Name Location Closed On
Frenninge Sparbank Vollsjö 2015
Närs Sparbank Stånga 2020
Sparbanken 1826 Kristianstad 2014
Sparbanken Öresund AB Malmö 2015

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