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How To Spot and Avoid Investment Scams


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Episode 55 Chapters:

  • 00:58: Philippine Scams
  • 02:45: Scam Sign #1
  • 03:54: Scam Sign #2
  • 04:39: Scam Sign #3
  • 06:01: Scam Sign #4
  • 06:55: Scam Sign #5
  • 07:41: Scam Sign #6
  • 09:14: Episode Break
  • 11:27: Scam Sign #7
  • 13:21: Scam Sign #8
  • 13:50: Scam Sign #9
  • 14:39: Scam Sign #10

Excerpts and Highlights:

Philippine companies that offer investments should have proper licenses from the SEC to solicit investments or operate as a crowdfunding company. For foreign companies, they should also have proper licenses from the regulatory bodies in the country where they hold office.

You should never be pressured into investing. People who solicit investments should respect your decision to wait and do your own research.

Financial literacy is our best protection against financial scams.

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