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Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Property


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Episode Chapters:

  • 01:32: Location
  • 03:43: Safety and Security
  • 04:22: Price
  • 05:45: Accessibility to Establishments
  • 06:42: Quality
  • 08:33: Episode Break
  • 10:12: Payment Scheme
  • 11:34: Design and Layout
  • 12:34: Utilities and Facilities
  • 13:12: Amenities
  • 14:38: Turnover Period

Excerpts and Highlights:

In buying a property, especially one that we will call our home, it’s important that we do proper research so that we can get the most out of this investment.

Buying properties like a house and lot entails commitment and a considerable sum of money. So, choose one that’s within your financial means.

Even if it is an affordable home, quality should not be compromised. Its foundation should be strong, the materials should be durable, and it should follow construction standards.

Amenities are a good addition on top of having a quality and affordable house and lot, as these provide homeowners comfort and convenience for an enjoyable life.

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