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How to Do Retail Therapy Without Going Broke


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Episode 41 Chapters:

  • 01:08: The Benefits of Retail Therapy
  • 05:15: Retail Therapy Tip #1
  • 06:01: Retail Therapy Tip #2
  • 06:58: Retail Therapy Tip #3
  • 08:34: Retail Therapy Tip #4
  • 10:17: Retail Therapy Tip #5
  • 10:58: Retail Therapy Tip #6
  • 13:00: No Need To Feel Guilty

Excerpts and Highlights:

Studies have shown that shopping can produce positive effects in a person’s mood. The psychological rewards of retail therapy can vary, but it is generally beneficial.

Studies have shown that retail therapy is more about the experience and less about the actual purchase.

Works Cited:

  • Atalay and Meloy (2011). Retail therapy: A strategic effort to improve mood
  • Rick, Scott etal (2014). The Benefits of Retail Therapy: Making Purchase Decisions Reduces Residual Sadness

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