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5 Low-Cost Ways to Help Your House Sell Faster

Many families try to sell their home for top dollar, but sometimes, you might want to also emphasize selling it faster. This is especially true if you already have a new home lined up. You don’t want to wind up responsible for two homes at the same time until your current one sells. Fortunately, there are five low-cost ways to help your house sell faster you can explore and potentially use.


  1. Clean Your Home Constantly: According to U.S. News, nothing turns off your potential buyers faster than a dirty home. They not only have trouble visualizing themselves living there, but they also wonder if you really took care of the home. It will take work, but at least you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a clean home during a stressful phase of life.
  2. Upgrade Your Curb Appeal: You don’t have to pour a ton of money into simple fixes and enhancements to your home’s yard and exterior. Investopedia recommends simple things like sweeping out cobwebs, painting your front door, and planting some flowers. If you’re in a pinch, consider wildflowers. They might not need much upkeep, and they’re likely to thrive on your own if they’re regional variants.
  3. Take a Risk: HGTV suggests pricing your home for 10 to 15 percent under its market value. In many cases, the lower price will draw enough attention to start a bidding war that actually gets you more money than actual market value. If you’d like to buy a new construction even while living in your current home, then consult property professionals like those at The Smith Team in Las Vegas. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of this calculated risk.
  4. Fix Things: You might have learned to live with your home’s flaws, perhaps even seeing them as character. However, buyers won’t be so amused. Better Homes & Gardens points out that buyers will either be turned off by obviously needed repairs or they’ll negotiate your selling price down after a home inspection turns things up. Grab your DIY supplies and do what you can about fixing cracks here and there. Simple projects like finishing staining the deck or power washing the siding will make a large difference in how fast your house sells.
  5. Write a Terrific Description: Your writing for your listing description can not be bland. You don’t want to oversell it or come on too hard, but you do want to use the right keywords in your description. Zillow recommends listing your home’s best features along with prime neighborhood characteristics, your school district, access to transit, and nearby amenities.



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